Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{Wow Wednesday Flea Market week 4}

Hey Crafters... Welcome Flea Markets WOW Wednesday Week 4! 
Not quite sure what WOW Wednesday is yet?  Well..... WOW Wednesday happens the second, third and forth Wednesday of the month!  Each designer  (Our Craft Doctors) will provide more inspiration using the monthly housecalls kit.  You can always come here to see what each Craft Doctor has designed.  There will be a Picture of their project and the link to their project.  They will also "Pin" their creation to our Pinterest page.  If you don't follow us on Pinterest be sure to click {HERE} and follow us!!

Also be sure to take the monthly challenge, *Remember you DON'T have to have the Flea Market kit to do the challenge!!! Who is ready to take a big dose of Crafty Medication??

Ok peeps.... our Craft Doctors have done it again with this Housecalls kit!!!! Their projects for this WOW Wednesday are simply the best!!!!

First off we have our fabulous Guest Craft Doctor Jenny Johnson A.K.A. Crazy About Cricut she made a great card for you today!!! Check it out {HERE} and to learn more about Jenny!!

Next up for your fabulous WOW Wednesday dose of medicine inspiration we have a great layout designed by the one and only Craft Doctor Yolie Burke A.K.A. Just Yolie you can read more about Yolie {HERE} she is always full of great inspiration. But First I want to draw attention to the many different patterns she uses on this layout! WOW isn't it great!

Who is ready for two more doses of crafty medicine?? Sweet because our next two craft doctors know where it's at!!!  First up Crafty Doc Jennifer Taylor!  EEK... This Designer really knows how to dig deep and get the procedure done This layout is sure to make anyone have a Happy Birthday WOW! LOL Check out Jennifer Taylor A.K.A. JenT Scrappy Side of me {HERE}

And the second to the last project of our WOW Wednesday, Comes out with a BANG!!! We have our very own Craft Doctor Specialist Leesa Holland A.K.A. Scrappin Barefoot she wrote out a great prescription for you full of inspiration making this great card, look close at the butterfly with the royal jewels in the center! Check it out, and be sure to stop on over at Scrappin Barefoot to see some more great inspiration from
this Craft Doctor {HERE}.

And last but not least the very crafty Jillian Shelton! She is our Crafty Design Doctor who is going to have her very first baby!!! She created this super sweet banner. Check her out here for more crafty inspiration!!!
HERE is the RE-CAP

Whoop Whoop!!! Thanks so much for checking back in and seeing all of this fabulous inspiration!!  Be sure to take our challenge that is happening NOW!!!

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