About Us

     I am super excited to tell you about Housecalls By Scrappin Madge! When I took over Heartstring Designs I knew there were things that I wanted to change up and make my own. Things started to change slowly.  However,  working under the "Heartstring Designs" name for more than 6 months, it was now time to make a change.  I decided to change the branding to Housecalls By Scrappin Madge!
     Why? I wanted to add my own personal touch to the company! I felt I needed to inject a bit of spunk!  And I really wanted to stress the HOUSECALLS aspect of the company.  We are coming straight to your home to offer you scrappy, crafty inspiration while showcasing products you might not otherwise try working with.
      I am taking paper and embellishments from different companies and combining them to create a unique, stimulating kit for you to work with.  I want you to sit back and relax! You should enjoy Scrapping, Crafting or Cardmaking in your own studio with your friends without the stress of shopping and trying to match colors and patterns.  All of the guess work is done for you.  Why stress when you can have our monthly kits delivered right to your doorstep!  AND, each month you will receive exclusive flair and an exclusive stamp!!! 
       I am dedicated to keeping up with the current trends and to bringing exciting, quality products right to your door!

Thanks for reading about us.

Loves Loves,

Mandee Gillen
Housecalls By Scrappin Madge- OWNER


Kim said...
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Kim said...

About 3-4 years ago I went to the Scrapbook expo and talked with a gentleman who gave me his card. His name was Carl Jensen, and he was the CEO of this company. I subsequently bought about 80 acorn cutouts (brown with a beveled edge. I wondered if you still had any of these items or the ability to make them. I may be interested in purchasing more. My name is Kim Olea and I live in Davis County. Thank you for addressing this email.